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After being pulled over by the pandemic police, it’s time to speed off down the highway with the top down and both feet to the floor! As we get past the lock-downs and elections, the challenges for real estate markets will grow and intensify. 

This creates unprecedented profit opportunities. What can you do as a real estate entrepreneur to prepare and take advantage?
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Who will be attending...
  • Newer investors who want a rare jump-start advantage to launching their successful business... especially during this new economic environment
  • Active investors who are ready to start closing more deals consistently, with higher average profits, and less competition
  • Comeback investors who had experienced setbacks in the distant or recent past... now seeking to take total control of their future moving forward
  • Successful investors who already know your business can and should be crafted to support your personal desires, allowing you to live your preferred lifestyle
  • ​Iconic influencers who've contributed incredible value to this industry, and always looking to step up their own game
  • Special VIP attendees you'll want to get to know, learn from, network with, and collaborate with
What to expect...
  • Five daily INTERACTIVE workshops held Mon-Fri LIVE via zoom beginning Aug 31 at 10AM Pacific for 90 mins
  • Fun, inspiring, and highly motivating daily assignments and event features
  • ​Replays, workbooks, handouts, free bonus programs, support, plus networking with VIPs and attendees will be in our private Facebook group
  • ​If you miss a session, watch the replay and do any assignment before attending or watching the next session.
  • ​Special bonus sessions, panels discussions, VIP only sessions, and extra Q&A will be announced when scheduled
  • Expect to be blown away, amazed, and excited about what you can now do in your real estate business... things you never dream of!

Your Expert Hosts

Tim Mai

Tim Mai is the embodiment of the American dream. Having survived a childhood that included war, a dramatic escape from pirates at sea, and languishing in a refugee camp, he arrived to America at age 12 speaking no English with nothing more than the shirt on his back. Tim seized the opportunities America presented him with by realizing his dream of financial independence through real estate investing. He currently lives in Sugar Land, Texas with wife and high school sweetheart and their two sons.

Tim is the CEO of and is also a nationally-known entrepreneur and speaker. He has been involved in over 500 real estate deals since 2002 when he first began and has trained countless real estate investors all over the country to become financially successful.
Feedback on Tim

Keyan Razi

Joe McCall

John Jackson

Les Brown

Phillip Vincent

Zack Childress

Blair Halver

Dustin Mathews

Coach Pat Martin

Doug Ottersberg

Richard Geller

Peter Kolat

Richard Roop

One of the country’s best kept secrets, Richard Roop has shared his free and clear investing strategies with thousands of real estate investors throughout the nation for consistently generating cash now, cash flow, and cash for later... regardless of what's happening in the economy. 

He is one of the top direct response marketing ‘gurus’ and consultants dedicated to helping real estate investors generate more leads, negotiate better deals and create more consistent, predictable cash each month.

Richard specializes in sharing proven, low cost real estate direct marketing strategies for attracting a steady flow of motivated sellers, as well as real estate business marketing systems for getting investment properties occupied fast.

Richard also teaches investors systematic approaches to growing their businesses, leveraging their time and increasing their profitability on each deal. His real estate direct marketing approach to investing teaches investors to achieve their financial goals WITHOUT hunting for deals, relying on agents, using their credit, struggling with tenants, borrowing from banks or calling sellers.

Richard bought over 500 homes as a creative real estate investor since 1996 until a bizarre lawsuit by the Division of Securities: "I lost my portfolio of 56 properties through a state-sponsored civil lawsuit from 2014. A gag order prevents me from fully defending against their public smear, but I have been able to answer a lot of questions and share useful details during recent interviews in 2020 now posted to my website."
Feedback on Roop

Trevaro Hardy

Andreton Jones

Jack Bosch

Bruce Mack

Bob Leonetti 

David Oswald

Joe McCall May 28, 2020

"Richard is a marketing genius... you won't find a better flyer for buying houses than the one you get from him..."
Ron LeGrand
Author, How to be a Quick Turn Real Estate Millionaire
“Richard is a very successful investor in his own right besides being a wiz bang marketer... I have been using his marketing materials and ‘advertorial’ since I met him…”
Bill Barnett III
Author, Are You Dumb Enough to Be Rich
“Richard... thank you very much for your invaluable experience in marketing and help with Mid Ohio Securities... has increased our success rate by over 200%...”
Dick Desich
Founder, Mid-Ohio Securities & Equity Trust Company
“During all the years I’ve known him, I’ve yet to find an investor who has more marketing expertise in entrepreneurial real estate than Richard Roop.”
William Bronchick
Author, Financing Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Classic Student Feedback

Collected $194,000 cash plus $123,000 equity in 7 months
I don’t know how I got your name but I am very much glad that I did. I could not afford to buy your products at around July 2004 so I printed and read all of the articles that you had on the website…I really did not have the money to spend but I had a credit card with about $8,000 in credit available and that was it. I started using the USPS service you mentioned on your site and by the time the year was over mailed over 32,000 postcards... from September to December I made approximately $56,000 in cash from assignments and then in January 2005 over $94,000 and then in February over $44,000. That is a total of $194,000 in actual cash income... and that does not even include a property that I bought for $152,000 that is worth $275,000 'as is'... I recently bought a $400,000 home and feel that my goal of making $500,000 for this year is certainly attainable… I think your materials are top notch and will help anyone in any market…
Cris Chico,
Miami, FL
$80,000 in 60 days
… I have purchased 5 properties in the last 2 months totaling approximately $80,000 in equity. 
Mike MacDonald,
Fort Wayne, IN
Bought seven free houses no money down
I have purchased 7 rental properties this past year with no money out of pocket and I am getting a positive cash flow on all. One property I walked away with $8,000 at closing. 
Ed Forsythe,
Summerville, SC
$100,000 in cash flow
…we have purchased over 17 homes with none of my own money or credit. During this time period we’ve been stewards of over $1,500,000 worth of property, and received nearly $100,000 of cash flow. 
Jeff Backer, Jr.
Browns Valley, MN
$24,244 net profit on first deal
… I can’t thank you enough for the help you have given me in my investing career… I took over a townhouse that was 24 hours from going into foreclosure, using the subject to method you explain so well in your ‘5-Figure Paycheck’ course. I worked on the property and ended up selling it for a $24,441.91 net profit. Not bad for my first deal and equal to half a year of my previous jobs salary!... Believe me when I say that I will continue to use your postcard campaigns over and over again… 
Stephen R. Garten,
Pompano Beach, FL
$22,000 in 15 minutes
…have purchased 6 properties and created over $85,000 in down-payments and equity… I purchased a house the seller had declined my offer on during the summer. The mailing took 15 minutes to print and send, and I created $22,000. 
Stephany Beam,
Parker, CO
$36,500 cash in 30 days
Having used Richard Roop's ideas has made such a difference in our lives! We were able to purchase a home for $18,500 and one month later sell it for $55,000 with no fix up… and have found at least 5 people that are ready to purchase the next home we have available. We have used many of Richard's ideas in marketing and truly feel the sky is the limit when it comes to the real estate market today. 
Lyle K Lorton,
Valley, AL
$66,410 within 21 days
…used Richard’s advertising material… within 3 weeks, I had 76 phone calls and bought my FIRST RENTAL HOUSE. All of this with just about 13 hours of work… the property is about $354,000… I bought the property for $287,590. I rented the property… 2 weeks later… 
Mike Seagal,
Costa Mesa, CA

Most recent blurbs on deals in our Roop Student Success library

Detailed reports and audio interviews referenced are available upon request

Harley & Vi in Colorado closed two deals from one seller… each for 15 years of seller financing. Target profit is $86,500 on one and $89,500 on the other… while pulling over $30,000 out in cash at closing. Plus, the have a 3rd deal accepted on a duplex to close later this month with a $96,000 profit. Plus, they recently flipped a 4th contract for cash. Hear the success report.
Hear how Adam from Tennessee bought a free and clear property needing $7,500 in work with no money down, collected $32,500 in cash up front, got a $33,000 real estate note paying 8% interest and raised another $101,000 in cash on a 0% interest private loan payable over 15 years.
Scott V. from Chicago area buys 11 houses in 1 deal and profits $500,000.00! Some people wait years to accumulate a rental portfolio of 11 houses, with our help ~ Scott did it in 1 deal! Through the help of our joint venture program Scott found a seller who had 11 houses for sale. Through perseverance and great deal structuring help from Richard, Scott was able to come up with an offer that was a win-win for everyone. Earning himself $500,000 in profit from cash now, cash flow and cash later. So far this is the 2nd highest profit we’ve had a partner achieve. Way to go Scott! Listen in as Scott tells you about the deal, how he found it, what happened, what challenges he overcome and what it feels like to put $52,000 in the bank when you buy a house
William from Georgia just closed 5 “cash cow” deals with one seller who took small down payments and 0% financing, each property nicely cash flowing, and over the note term will become free and clear! He also just closed on this “subject to” deal and reported a few weeks ago:

“Hey Marc, U STAR! I just got this new deal accepted last nite following EXACTLY the words u suggested below on another subject-to deal we discussed last mo. As u can see from the signed contract attached, I am buying it subject to a balance of $60k approx (seller making next 2 payments) & paying him $5k to take over the loan, so total $65k. The fixed loan only has 9 yrs left P&I only $500k, mostly principal payments as loan at end of amortization & will rent for $950 as in good area, schools, etc. So in 9 yrs I will own it free & clear – 6th deal now with seller finance :) Marc thanks alot for your contributions… Richard – This house is right around the corner from Dick’s house & quieter street!!! Talk later, Kind Rgds – William” (Marc is his personal coach)
John got a deal accepted on a home in Texas last fall which we are now getting the appraisal and funding completed after waiting for a title issue to be cleared. Sellers accepted $128,800 with $20,000 and $600 a month for 9 years of owner financing at 0% interest. The $108,800 note will pay down to $64,800 when it matures. We expect the appraisal to come in around $150,000. Target profit is over $93,000!
$280,000 cash in 90 days? Check out Richard P who writes… “By April 23rd, I will have created $280,000.00 of real, usable cash by incorporating The Ultimate Strategy, far beyond my goal written at the seminar. Here is something to share with your students, WRITE YOUR GOALS. Read them first thing every morning and before you go to sleep. Your goals will permeate into actions automatically, your tools will then be in The Ultimate Strategy."
Rod O. from Kentucky was able to tie a big, red bow around his retirement by buying 21 houses through his IRA! All 21 houses were bought from one retiring landlord using the Free & Clear Ultimate Strategy business model and they generate a minimum of $10,000 a month cash flow! Rod negotiated great terms, including 0% financing for 7 years with only $20,000 down, which he was able to get from the cash flow in the property.
Micheal in Missouri just closed with 15 years of seller financing at 2.49%. and a $58,100 profit target, collecting over $30,000 in cash at closing. And… Michael also has 6 deals with one seller closing 2 per month over next 3 months. First deal next month he’s collecting $13,700 extra cash at closing with a target profit of $48,000, and seller carry with $6,000 down and $260 a month. Second one gets him $12,500 extra cash at closing with target profit of $54,100, seller getting $2,000 down and $230 a month. Both seller carry back notes are at 2.63%. Third deal is $10,000 extra cash at closing, $59,000 total profit, seller getting $7,000 down and $240 a month. Fourth is $22,500 extra cash at closing and total profit $90,600 with seller getting $26,000 down and $560 a month. These two notes are at 1.09%
John got a deal accepted on a home in Texas last fall which we are now getting the appraisal and funding completed after waiting for a title issue to be cleared. Sellers accepted $128,800 with $20,000 and $600 a month for 9 years of owner financing at 0% interest. The $108,800 note will pay down to $64,800 when it matures. We expect the appraisal to come in around $150,000. Target profit is over $93,000!
Donna & Marvin in Georgia closed a deal with no money down with seller financing for 15 years with a true positive cash flow of $360 a month… already occupied… no repairs… with a $115,000 target profit.
Scott in Indiana just got a $115,000 home under contract, 20 years owner financing at $300 monthly and is getting $11,500 cash at closing, $3,000+ more cash in 60 days, plus $62,000 in real cash flow, $56,000 on the back-end… for a total profit of $132,500!

Scott also just got an all cash offer for 11 houses with one seller accepted last week. Total value is about $620,000, all tenant occupied and in good shape. Our final accepted contract price accepted is $331,000 all cash. Average positive cash flow on each is $135 a month, and average project profit on each is $55,300. That $1,485 a month in true net-net positive cash flow after all expenses and money set aside to build up an escrow for future expenses. And that’s a total projected net profit in cash now, cash flow and cash later of $608,000! “Twelve in one week. Rarefied air! Thank you for the means and the confidence.” 
Steve G. from California – Just 2 months into partnering with us and Steve offers a seller $342,900 on a property worth $300,000 and the seller was thrilled! After closing Steve will put $27,500 cash in his pocket PLUS because he’s a JV Partner with us we’ll reimburse him for all his coaching expenses spent so far! The property needs very little work and the financing terms are sweet… 2.21% financing for 10 years. That’s almost free money.
Laurien E. of Chicago, IL area just put $7,700.00 net quick cash in his pocket after just 9 weeks! He mailed the magic bullet postcard to absentee owners and got a nice 3 bed, 1 bath home in the Elmhurst area under contract for a cash price offer. The property needed about $17,000 of repairs and updates so he decided to find a buyer to take over his contract for some quick cash. 
Julian M. from Denver area . . . "If I would have never followed up with him [the seller] after he told me no, I never would have gotten this deal.” This deal which put $43,237.00 and some change in Julian’s pocket at closing plus secured him a net cash flow of $200 a month was the result of Coach Keith encouraging Julian to follow up with ALL sellers, even the ones that told him “NO!” before. Julian followed the advice of his coach and walked away from the closing table with a nice chunk of cash and celebrated with family and friends. Listen to this call where Julian shares the details of this deal, the lessons he learned and the advice he gives to those just starting out.
Pablo and Michael from California… Seller accepted $3,000 down and $750 a month for 15 years at 2.49% on a 4-plex worth $180,000 and that rents for $2,380 a month. There’s a true $810 a month positive cash flow and a target profit of $264,000! We also have another deal where sellers wants to take our offer for $3,000 down and $1,030 a month on a home worth $195,000 and will rent for $1,600 a month. Pablo and Michael will pull out $20,000 in extra cash at closing with a total profit of $104,000. Seller now just needs to find a one-level home to move to and we may close now and let them move a little later.
Greg from NC did 4 Ultimate Strategy deals in 40 days! See how he captured $238,000 in profits and $60,000 in cash buying 3 deals in this inspiring and instructive interview with Richard Roop where Greg shares the specifics of each of his deals, the challenges he had along the way and the negotiating techniques he used to secure his future profits and CASH!

“Hi Richard, Thanks for your coaching input on Tuesday. We closed today and received the attached for $237K. We paid off the $40,000 first and we will pay off $120,000 in high interest debt on another property. We will do a light rehab on that one for $30K and it will be worth about $225,000. That is where we moved the deed of trust and we had no problem moving it. If you do the math, there is about $47,000 left over for us to keep. This worked just like you said it would. Thank you for your instruction and support”

Bill from New Mexico closed a deal on home in great shape which appraised for $161,900. We are raising short term funding to buy for $120,000 and he has an agent Bill who plans to resell within 6 months for a $25,000 quick cash profit.

More Attendee Feedback

Bootcamps, coaching and the inner game

We were at a point of stopping our program but with your coaching we have a peer group to talk with that understands what the conversation is all about. Thanks for coaching!
Kitti & Dennis Surrette
Ocala, FL
Great boot camp as always. Picked up so many... You guys keep improving according to student's need. Seeing and talking with higher level students [helps] clear our vision and boost our confidence. I think every serious real estate entrepreneur should come to your boot camp and join your coaching program.
Elle Profits
Aurora, IL
The boot camp and the coaching are phenomenal. The combination of cutting edge marketing tech, implementation know-how and inner game support is unmatched in the industry. I can feel my business becoming stronger and more efficient everyday.
Scott Melrose
Tinley Park, IL
I don't believe anyone can match the content I received this week. I had the Home Study Course, but I had no idea that I would be overwhelmed with the information I received. I joined coaching, and in January I will tell you guys how far I have come.
Dimitri Whitehead Lawrenceville, GA
Absolutely the best real estate entrepreneurial program around. Marketing (the key to any business) and Goal implementation and tracking - inner game - and enough tools to help you have a successful business in any real estate market. Richard Roop... a must for anyone dedicated to success.
Mike MacKinnon
Kent, WA
The amount and the quality of the information provided by the Roop...Group... is tremendous. They provide a program that helps investors to be successful today while laying the ground work and a business plan for the future. The program has helped me to produce my learning curve. As a new investor I look forward to continue participating in the coaching program.
Chuck Horan
East Bridgewater, MA
Love the attention to Inner Game and business improvement. Thanks for not just trying to upsell more product. We really got tons out of this Boot Camp. Many thanks to staff and the many attendees that answered questions and gave encouragement.
Robert Quinn & Patty English
Newborn, GA
I have been to a lot of boot camps as a “Masters” and this is the best boot camp I have been to. Think I liked best: The panels! The material, inner game! The networking party the first night. Being able to ask questions throughout... having access to Richard...
BZ Riger
Austin, Texas
Being in coaching is one of the best things I have ever done for my personal growth. With the combination of inner game training in coaching and the seemingly unlimited resources we have access to, there is truly no way to avoid improvement....
Pam Tufts
Evergreen, CO
Great Boot Camp! It is only when you come to the boot camp you realize how much you don't know. What is remarkable is the emphasis on action/inner game and let the systems do their job. I just need to get out of my own way...
Ben White
Arlington, VA
We loved the synergy of the Master Mind Group table discussion. Coaching is the best money we have spent! Your coaching program is cutting edge. The best in the Business! You guys are always there when we need you. The inner game-outer game combination is unbeatable!
Ernie & Tricia Sneesley
Burbank, CA
Your meetings are always conducted to the best standards. The content is cutting edge and keeps up and ahead of the market. That is extremely valuable. I joined coaching in May and have bought 4 homes since then. We went full time in June and the coaching has been fantastic. The live calls and CD's keep me sharp and on top of my game. I have been to other Guru Boot Camps and yours are far and above the best. Thanks for a great Boot Camp.
Jeff & Pam Strada
Atlanta, GA
The boot camp was great as I knew it would be. I met lots of awesome people. The energy level and quality level of both information and attendees was phenomenal! I am now in the coaching program and am so excited to move to the next level. Thanks Guys!
Kris Clemenger
San Diego, CA
This Boot Camp was all about the inner game. It showed me that I was not taking action. This was my second Boot Camp with Richard... and this was the best ever! I've been to others and this was the best. With the action and inner game tools that I've learned I will make a  $10k profit in the next two weeks. Thanks again. 
Kevin Reeder
Atlanta, GA

Private Appointment Feedback

One on one coaching session
Richard was very patient, helpful and insightful. I definitely have a much better understanding now and will be able to prepare and make seller presentations with more confidence.
Albert N
Fantastic Deal Structuring meeting!
This meeting was excellent and tremendously valuable! Having Richard go through the steps (and his thinking) for structuring offers for our specific deal AND working the exact settings on our Ultimate Profit Generator spreadsheet was amazing. Richard explained his thinking as we went through number & scenarios, answered questions along the way, and turned it into a really collaborative effort. This was far better than we’ve done on our own and a fantastic learning experience! Thanks, Richard!
Gerry Weber
UPG software makes deal structuring so easy
Richard, thanks for creating UPG! Putting offers together is so easy now! I can change ANYTHING to make the deal work – what I want to get paid, how to make the private money work, what to offer a seller . It’s quite incredible! And you teach it well. Thanks.
Brenda G & Larry E
Setting up appointments with Richard 
By using the internet and Genbook, it was sooooo easy to set up an appointment to talk to Richard Roop. And the appointment was great! Richard called right on time, we finished our business, and he was promptly off to his next appointment. Great system.
Bob Saadai
Real Estate Investing at its best
I have been buying real estate for 10 years. I No one has ever even come close to bringing everything and I mean everything to the table like Richard does. I have spent about $75,000 on investment classes with very little to show for it. No more. God bless Richard and everything he does for his partners.
Bill Lockwood
Richard’s Organizational Skills
I am so impressed with Richard’s system. He thinks of every detail in helping investors to get started in business. He not only has a great operation going, but he gives so much of his material. I am so pleased to be a part of Richard’s group and am looking forward to the future with his organization. Thanks, Richard!
Danna Seale
Roop is highly recommended
My favorite real estate guru is Richard Roop. His training exhaustively covers every single area a real estate investor will need to succeed. Richard is straightforward, honest, accessible, down-to-earth and works hard to help his students succeed. He makes learning fun and interesting, he is an excellent teacher. 
John Blythe
A Comprehensive Toolset
Richard Roop has a comprehensive set of tools; from a viable business plan to help people and yet also generate cash now and cash later. He has a comprehensive support system and teaching materials for the Inner Game as well as technical aspects of Real Estate and tools for systematizing your real estate investing. He manages to keep adding the tools I think I need….
Andrew Teutsch
Everything needed times 10!
Richard brings it. The nuts & bolts “how-to” is just a portion – integrating life success concepts into so much of the training material – the inner game, what’s happening between the ears – is what makes the real difference.
Todd Schmidt
Jump Start Preview
I was very pleased with Richards answers to my questions. This was supposed to be a marketing call. It turned into a questioning from my behave. Richard was very supportive and relaxed in answering my questions. He made me feel very comfortable.
Jeffrey Ursaki
Structuring Offers with UPG
Richard spent a lot of time showing me how to structure offers using the UPG that he created. He worked an actual lead that I received so I was able to take the results and present the offers. I now feel confident that I can use the UPG for all of my prospects.
Laurian Edan
Time to fly
I’d like to thank Richard for his help working with me on the UPG, familiarizing me with the ins and outs of how it works while helping me structure an offer. I’m certainly thankful to be invited to work with Richard and the coaches as part of the Joint-Venture Program. Thanks guys.
Eric Poling
Roop Rave
I continue to be highly impressed by Richard Roop and his organization. He is truly a total professional in his real estate dealings and in his encouragement of others to learn his methods and prosper by using them. 
Geoffrey Daniel

Popular Titles Authored by Richard Roop

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Million Dollar Postcards For The New Economy
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Multiple Streams Of Motivated Sellers
Multiple Streams Of Real Estate Cash Profits: How To Become A Successful & Flexible Transaction Engineer
Negotiating With High Equity Sellers 
Occupying Houses Fast In Any Market 
Offering A Seller Interest & Imputed Interest Demystified
Overcoming Avoidance Behavior
Playing Hooky From The School Of Hard Knocks
Private Lending Q&A Presentation Tool
Profit Guaranteed Deal Structuring:
Putting Together A Powerful Presentation
Qualifying And Negotiating With Buyers
Quick Turning For Cash Now… Made Easy
Raising Cash For Deals Without Banks
Raising Millions In Private Money
Raising Private Money
Real Estate Millionaire Mastermind Retreat
Secrets Behind Free & Clear Investing
Secrets Of Real Estate Investing Success 1&2
Secrets To Creating Your Future
Selling Houses Faster
Selling Houses On Autopilot
Strategies For Getting Past Your Fear
Strategies For Structuring Multiple Offers
Structuring More Profitable Offers That Get Accepted
Super Profitable Classified Ad Secrets For Investors
Take Time To Save Time
Taking Your Business To The Next Level
The 7 Steps To Super Success
The Art And Science Of Becoming Rich – Part 1 & 2
The Best Practices Of Creative Real Estate Entrepreneurs: How To Build A Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Investing Business
The Core Four: How The Key Result Areas Fit Together
The Fearless Investor
The Magic Behind The Ultimate Profit Generator
The Power Of Reflective Assessment
The Secrets Behind Free & Clear Investing
The Ultimate Flyer System
The Ultimate Game Plan For Prosperity And Profits
The Ultimate Pre-Foreclosure Marketing System
The Ultimate Strategy For Buying & Selling Houses
Time Power For Real Estate Entrepreneurs
Tips On Presenting And Closing From The Experts
Truth About Making Huge Profits With Pre-Foreclosures
Turning Contracts Into Cash
Ultimate Profit Generator Software
Uncovering The Secret To True And Lasting Happiness
Using Private Money To Collect Monthly Cash & Income
Using The Free & Clear Offer Generator To Guarantee Profits
Using Time To Your Best Advantage
What’s Working And What’s Not: No Holds Barred Advice From The Million Dollar Coaches For Maximizing Your Results
What’s Working Best Now: Collection
Winning Big In Tough Markets
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